TrofiWare is designed and made by Marianna Trofimova. Like Marianna, TrofiWare is a mix of diverse cultural influences from across the world. In each piece, one can recognize the “urban grittiness” of her present home in Brooklyn, layered with hints of the ancient Russian architecture that surrounded her during her childhood in St. Petersburg. Her time spent in Africa and Greece plays a role in her aesthetic as well. It is these juxtapositions that characterize the solitary boldness of Trofimova’s creations.

TrofiWare represents a union of opposites: industrial and organic, modern and vintage, structured and asymmetrical, aggressive and soft. Each piece is one of a kind, handmade with technical precision and a sense of spirituality. Marianna carefully chooses each natural stone based on its color, texture and healing powers.

Marianna’s passion lies in designing and building jewelry in her Brooklyn based studio, where she also welcomes personal commissions.